Levels of Service


   The first level of service is to address one particular need at a time, such as retirement planning, investment planning or long term care protection. We work together to analyze the particular need and develop a strategy to address it.

   The second level of service is to take a comprehensive look at all the major areas of your financial life, and coordinate them with a written strategy...a written financial plan. Then we implement the strategy.

   The third and highest level of service is similar to the second level, where we develop a comprehensive written plan and implement it. But an additional part of the implementation is to set up an investment advisory account that we monitor very closely. We usually meet with these clients quarterly, or at least once a year depending on the client's wishes and needs.

                                                          Measuring Performance

Measuring and monitoring performance and progress along with periodic review of plans to see if they are still valid is important. It is recommended that we meet at least annually while it may be beneficial to review more frequently depending upon your particular situation.